Sunhea & Joseph Engagement Session at the Nasher

This winter engagement session in Dallas was full of laughter as Sunhea and Joseph worked it in front of the camera for Teresa. What on earth could possibly be said about these two other than cute, cute, and more cute!  This lovely couple were all smiles as kisses as Teresa worked her magic photography on them to produce these fabulous images during their Dallas engagement session at the Nasher Sculpture Center in the Arts District in downtown Dallas.  And get a load of those too cute shoes that Sunhea is wearing while in the bamboo garden.  Ashton Gardens better watch out next month when these two head down the aisle.


We love it when our couples connect with their photographer and we asked Teresa a few things about the couple…

3 things I enjoyed

1- They were funny and laughed at my dumb jokes. always a plus in my book when people humor my dorkiness. 😉
2- They were very sweet and easy going and willing to go with the flow.
3- I loved their style. simple and casual and it really fit their personalities

3 things about their relationship

1-They are very obviously crazy about each other. I didn’t have to ask them to snuggle each other, they just did. While we were walking around to each set up, Joseph would wrap his arm around Sunhea’s shoulders and she would wrap her arm around this waist. They definitely dig each other 🙂
2- They make each other laugh a lot! They laughed the whole time! Between my dorkiness and they way they laugh at each other it was non-stop.
3- I can tell there is a lot of trust and value of each other’s opinions between them. For example, when we were planning their engagement session, Sunhea didn’t feel well and handed it off to Joseph and told me that she completely trusted whatever he decided as far as location.

Sunhea, you got yourself a keeper!


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