Sunhea and Joseph’s Ashton Garden Wedding

We are thrilled to bring you Sunhea and Joseph’s Wedding Day pictures.  I’m not sure we could have asked for a more perfect day at Ashton Gardens.  The weather was spot on with not a cloud in sight.  I’d say that’s great way to start of a marriage!  Attire was key here as everyone, and I mean everyone from family to friends and everyone in between was dressed in nothing less than a suit or dress and dapper as can be.  How can so many people look so good in their clothes?!  It was as if every guest at this wedding had tailor cut their clothes just for the occasion.

The wedding program was pretty slick as well as Sunhea and Joseph are graphic designers and designed the programs themselves.  After the ceremony there were rounds of tears and hugs as bride and groom cheered with family over the occasion.  And check out that cake!  Covered in hearts and tasted oh so good!  Thanks to Irene’s Bakery for the yummy treat.

The day was capped of by a South Korean tradition called Pyebaek with the bride and groom wearing traditional clothing called Hanbok. The ceremony began with the parents seated on cushions behind a table in front of a painted screen, with the newlyweds opposite them. Sunhea and Joseph then performed a deep bow ending with them pressing their foreheads to their hands while kneeling on the floor. The bride then presented the groom’s parents with jujubes (Korean dates) and chestnuts, which symbolize children.  The parents then share some wisdom on marriage from their advanced experience. Finally they threw the jujubes and chestnuts back at Sunhea and Joseph, who had to try catching them with Suneha’s wedding skirt.  The beautiful decorations on the table, screen and clothing have significant meanings.  The ducks represent a long and happy marriage while the cranes represent long life.  Well Suneha and Joseph, heres to a long life and a long and happy marriage.  Thanks for letting us be there for your amazing day.


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