Laura and Dan’s Downtown Dallas Engagement Session


We are excited to share this Dallas Engagement session with you! We met Laura and Dan in downtown Dallas for their pre-wedding portraits in the arts district and had such a fun time. We were rained out a few times before the stars aligned and allowed us to get together for our awesome session together. We talked a bit about the session, location and different elements we could pull into their story together. Laura is a triathlete…I was really intrigued by this and had to ask her many questions during the session. That’s biking, swimming, and running. How amazing is this?? She was so close to pulling the bike element into the session. Now we are contemplating a new photography prop…thanks Laura 🙂 Dan works in finance and is from Mexico City. When I asked them if they enjoyed dancing, she quickly responded with a yes, and Dan was a little more hesitant. Laura was a Salsa instructor and they had some serious moves…you’ll see some of their saucy moves below! We switched gears after the urban part of the session to get a little cozier in the park. Laura brought one of her Mom’s quilts and set the stage for their romantic picnic together. She brought some “wine”, some glasses, and some books. Dan enjoys reading…mostly history and industry-related material. They sprawled out and started to shine in front of my camera. Lots of romance and laughs and I was able to witness two people having a great time together. Thank you so much for a wonderful time and we can not wait for your wedding this fall at the Omni Mandalay!

dallas-wedding-photographer-laura-dan-002 dallas-wedding-photographer-laura-dan-003 dallas-wedding-photographer-laura-dan-004 dallas-wedding-photographer-laura-dan-005 dallas-wedding-photographer-laura-dan-006 dallas-wedding-photographer-laura-dan-007 dallas-wedding-photographer-laura-dan-008 dallas-wedding-photographer-laura-dan-009 dallas-wedding-photographer-laura-dan-010 dallas-wedding-photographer-laura-dan-011 dallas-wedding-photographer-laura-dan-012 dallas-wedding-photographer-laura-dan-013 dallas-wedding-photographer-laura-dan-014 dallas-wedding-photographer-laura-dan-015 dallas-wedding-photographer-laura-dan-016 dallas-wedding-photographer-laura-dan-017 dallas-wedding-photographer-laura-dan-018 dallas-wedding-photographer-laura-dan-019 dallas-wedding-photographer-laura-dan-020 dallas-wedding-photographer-laura-dan-021

Lauren & Micah’s Beautiful Three Three Three Wedding


Lauren & Micah’s Dallas wedding, at one of our favorite wedding venues, Three Three Three, was gorgeous, heartfelt, and lots of fun! The weather was incredible for a wonderful Dallas wedding….we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day for this Dallas wedding! These two really know how to have a get down and have great time. They incorporated some super fun elements including amazing flowers, paper lanterns, and even peacock elements in honor of their new last name together. They shared a moment together between the two of them between a door without seeing each other. We just love the emotion captured in these photos. They had a cake shaped like a record player, really fun wedding favors for their guests, a fun photobooth exciting for all ages, lots and lots of boogy-ing on the dance floor, and even … WAIT FOR IT……….a motorcycle exit! It looked like a scene from a movie! Lauren wore a beautiful lace gown and Micah was in a very dapper shade of grey with all of his groomsmen. Lauren had an outfit change for the getaway and it was very fitting for the motocycle wedding exit! For their ceremony, they exchanged vows under a beautiful canopy during a very touching wedding ceremony and even shared communion. You can also check out Lauren’s gorgeous sunset kissed Dallas bridal portraits.

Thank you for letting us be a small part of your heart-felt wedding! We loved it! We wish you a lifetime of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last! Please enjoy these images from this fun wedding!
dallas-wedding-photographer-three-three-three-lauren-micah-002 dallas-wedding-photographer-three-three-three-lauren-micah-003 dallas-wedding-photographer-three-three-three-lauren-micah-004 dallas-wedding-photographer-three-three-three-lauren-micah-005 dallas-wedding-photographer-three-three-three-lauren-micah-006 dallas-wedding-photographer-three-three-three-lauren-micah-007 dallas-wedding-photographer-three-three-three-lauren-micah-008 dallas-wedding-photographer-three-three-three-lauren-micah-009 dallas-wedding-photographer-three-three-three-lauren-micah-010 dallas-wedding-photographer-three-three-three-lauren-micah-011 dallas-wedding-photographer-three-three-three-lauren-micah-012 dallas-wedding-photographer-three-three-three-lauren-micah-013 dallas-wedding-photographer-three-three-three-lauren-micah-014 dallas-wedding-photographer-three-three-three-lauren-micah-015 dallas-wedding-photographer-three-three-three-lauren-micah-016 dallas-wedding-photographer-three-three-three-lauren-micah-017 dallas-wedding-photographer-three-three-three-lauren-micah-018

Lauren’s Sunkissed Dallas Bridal Portraits


These Dallas wedding photographers have a tough time keeping bridal portraits a surprise when they are this pretty! Mariel did a great job with Lauren’s portraits! We are so excited to share Lauren’s gorgeous Dallas bridal portraits with you. Now that their wedding has taken place, we can unlock these beauties for all the world to see. The week of Lauren’s bridals, Texas decided it was going to be indecisive with what season it was (it is Texas afterall…sweater weather in the morning and swimsuits in the afternoon!). It was a bit chillier (and windier) than anticipated for the day, but Lauren was a trooper and posed and smiled like a professional! It was a tough time narrowing down our favorite photographs to share with you on the wedding blog! We just love the lace detail in her dress and how romantic her dress is. The session wrapped near sunset and those sun-kissed golden hour portraits are gorgeous. Lauren was married at one of our favorite Dallas Wedding venues, Three Three Three and we can’t wait to share those images as well….lets just say there’s a motorcycle involved and you DO NOT want to miss it!

dallas-wedding-photographer-autumnlight-laura-bridals-002 dallas-wedding-photographer-autumnlight-laura-bridals-003 dallas-wedding-photographer-autumnlight-laura-bridals-004 dallas-wedding-photographer-autumnlight-laura-bridals-005 dallas-wedding-photographer-autumnlight-laura-bridals-006 dallas-wedding-photographer-autumnlight-laura-bridals-007 dallas-wedding-photographer-autumnlight-laura-bridals-008 dallas-wedding-photographer-autumnlight-laura-bridals-009