Emily and Bobby’s Dallas Arboretum Engagement Session


We just love meeting such fun wedding couples! These Dallas transplants are from California. They met while working at Disneyland. Okay, how fun is this?? After working at Disney, Emily moved to Dallas to attend SMU for graduate school. Bobby soon followed her to pursue his graduate degree as well. These two SMU grads contacted us for an engagement session a few weeks ago. They wanted to have the portrait session at the Dallas Arboretum. With the summer months giving us a later sunset, we were a little worried at first since the park closes it’s gates at 5pm. But alas….the stars aligned and an evening event at the park allowed us to photograph their session there for that lovely golden light we love to shoot in for our engagement sessions! Their wedding will be in California and we are sad to say we be photographing it, but we were able to offer them a fun session, get them ready and comfortable in front a professional camera, and some great advice for their wedding photography. Here’s the fun part….We almost had the park to ourselves and took full advantage of all of the beautiful architecture elements, light and gorgeous greenery and flowers. They did so well for our session together. They had lots of laughs, cuddles and kisses in front of our camera. We had such a fun time with you all and hope your California (near the beach) wedding is gorgeous and memorable. We wish you both a lifetime of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last! Thank you so much for choosing our wedding photography studio to document such a wonderful time in your lives together!

dallas-wedding-photographer-emily-bobby-dallas-arboretum-0002 dallas-wedding-photographer-emily-bobby-dallas-arboretum-0003 dallas-wedding-photographer-emily-bobby-dallas-arboretum-0004 dallas-wedding-photographer-emily-bobby-dallas-arboretum-0005 dallas-wedding-photographer-emily-bobby-dallas-arboretum-0006 dallas-wedding-photographer-emily-bobby-dallas-arboretum-0007 dallas-wedding-photographer-emily-bobby-dallas-arboretum-0008 dallas-wedding-photographer-emily-bobby-dallas-arboretum-0009 dallas-wedding-photographer-emily-bobby-dallas-arboretum-0010 dallas-wedding-photographer-emily-bobby-dallas-arboretum-0011 dallas-wedding-photographer-emily-bobby-dallas-arboretum-0012 dallas-wedding-photographer-emily-bobby-dallas-arboretum-0013 dallas-wedding-photographer-emily-bobby-dallas-arboretum-0014 dallas-wedding-photographer-emily-bobby-dallas-arboretum-0015

Briana and Travis’ Artsy Bohemian Engagement Session


You all are in for a treat today! This Dallas wedding couple really did some serious work for our cameras! We are getting into the hotter part of the year in Dallas, Texas but it didn’t phase Briana & Travis one bit for their Dallas engagement session. Teresa started the session in the Art’s District of Downtown Dallas and then they made their way to a nearby field for some super-steamy romantic portraits. Those sun-kissed portraits were soooo good. We had to narrow it down for the blog post and that was a difficult task…so many great images from this session! This couple is getting married this fall at one of our favorite Dallas venues, The Dallas Arboretum. Their wedding is sure to give our cameras goosebumps judging by the engagement session with them. A little about this fabulous couple…Briana is a talented hair and makeup artist. Really, she’s a magician with her craft. That’s how we met her. She was doing hair and makeup for one of our brides at The Stoneleigh Hotel. After you get through all the gorgeousness of this engagement session, you should definitely check out her website and become a fan on her facebook page! Besides being adorably handsome, Travis is a talented athlete. We follow Briana on instagram see him doing all kinds of awesome tri-athletic stuff. Okay….enough words….lets have these beautiful photos do the rest of the talking! We can’t wait to be part of your upcoming wedding day and we wish you both a lifetime of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last!

dallas-wedding-photographer-briana-travis-arts-district-0002 dallas-wedding-photographer-briana-travis-arts-district-0003 dallas-wedding-photographer-briana-travis-arts-district-0004 dallas-wedding-photographer-briana-travis-arts-district-0005 dallas-wedding-photographer-briana-travis-arts-district-0006 dallas-wedding-photographer-briana-travis-arts-district-0007 dallas-wedding-photographer-briana-travis-arts-district-0008 dallas-wedding-photographer-briana-travis-arts-district-0009 dallas-wedding-photographer-briana-travis-arts-district-0010 dallas-wedding-photographer-briana-travis-arts-district-0011 dallas-wedding-photographer-briana-travis-arts-district-0012 dallas-wedding-photographer-briana-travis-arts-district-0013 dallas-wedding-photographer-briana-travis-arts-district-0014 dallas-wedding-photographer-briana-travis-arts-district-0015 dallas-wedding-photographer-briana-travis-arts-district-0016 dallas-wedding-photographer-briana-travis-arts-district-0017 dallas-wedding-photographer-briana-travis-arts-district-0018