Stephanie & Chris’ Downtown Dallas Arts District Engagement Session


These Dallas Wedding Photographers have a special treat today! This Downtown Dallas Engagement session has a pretty awesome back story. Stephanie has been planning her Dallas wedding from afar in Washington DC and we have been corresponding via phone and email. She mentioned she was going to be in town for only a week to view some of their possible Dallas wedding venues. She’s between City Place and Zaza … we love both of those gorgeous wedding spaces! With their wedding being in February, we needed to act fast to make sure we could get their wedding date reserved on the calendar. As well as photograph the engagement session. So fast forward to yesterday….a first for us, we did their initial meeting with them for the first time in person, they selected their wedding coverage and we went directly into the engagement session after that! Talk about efficient use of time! Stephanie is a doctor, so she’s all about making the best possible use of her time 🙂 We didn’t waste any minutes. We planned out the engagement session quickly based on what they were wearing and where we were in Dallas, and started to boogie! They were so relaxed in front of the camera and warmed up very quickly like professional models. The afternoon light was amazing and we could feel lots of fall in the air….we just love this time of year! Stephanie and Chris, we can’t wait for your wedding and we had a blast with you!

dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-arts-district-engagement-session-stephanie-chris-002 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-arts-district-engagement-session-stephanie-chris-003 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-arts-district-engagement-session-stephanie-chris-004 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-arts-district-engagement-session-stephanie-chris-005 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-arts-district-engagement-session-stephanie-chris-006 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-arts-district-engagement-session-stephanie-chris-007 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-arts-district-engagement-session-stephanie-chris-008 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-arts-district-engagement-session-stephanie-chris-009 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-arts-district-engagement-session-stephanie-chris-010 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-arts-district-engagement-session-stephanie-chris-011 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-arts-district-engagement-session-stephanie-chris-012 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-arts-district-engagement-session-stephanie-chris-013 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-arts-district-engagement-session-stephanie-chris-014 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-arts-district-engagement-session-stephanie-chris-015 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-arts-district-engagement-session-stephanie-chris-016 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-arts-district-engagement-session-stephanie-chris-017 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-arts-district-engagement-session-stephanie-chris-018 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-arts-district-engagement-session-stephanie-chris-019 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-arts-district-engagement-session-stephanie-chris-020 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-arts-district-engagement-session-stephanie-chris-021 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-arts-district-engagement-session-stephanie-chris-022 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-arts-district-engagement-session-stephanie-chris-023

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  1. Carlotta Staples
    Carlotta Staples says:

    You and Christopher are beautiful inside and out. It stands to reason you would photograph so beautifully. I love all of the photos. I am so happy you found one another. Love you much!!!

  2. Olivia
    Olivia says:

    I am so happy for both of you…. These pictures are beautiful. I can’t wait to see you get married. Stephanie, you deserve all the happiness in the world. I am so proud to be your friend/sister. I am so glad that you found your perfect match. Welcome to the family Chris!!!

  3. Stephanie Renay Hairston
    Stephanie Renay Hairston says:

    Stephanie Renee! You look absolutely radiant and I wish you both nothing but blessings, prosperity and lifelong happiness:)

  4. Jennifer A. Martin
    Jennifer A. Martin says:

    You two are going to make me cry! Stunning photographs that really do capture the love you have for one another. I pray that you’ll always be loving, thoughtful, and kind to one another, and enjoy a lifetime of blessings. I can’t wait to see you in February! Woo hoo!

  5. Vernell Farrand
    Vernell Farrand says:

    My daughter, you and your guy look GREAT and so DEEPLY INTO one another! I love ALL of the shots, especially the one that is reflected in the water.


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