The Dallas Wedding at 333 First Avenue of Katie and Joe


This Dallas wedding was such a beautiful wedding to photograph.  During this fall Dallas wedding the rain held off until after they finished the formals in the incredible garden.  Katie and Joe…they came, they saw, they kicked some butt!  The bride was absolutely stunning and the groom was decked out in full Army dress for this wedding at Saint Monica Catholic Church.  If you haven’t been there, check it out, they have a beautiful garden that is amazing.  Including the groom they had 5 Officers in the wedding party representing the Army and Air Force including the groomsmen and the groom’s father.

333 First Avenue was the next stop for the wedding reception after the ceremony and Aggie’s were in full force..  Joe and his groomsmen decked themselves out in Texas A&M and Texas flag party tux shirts underneath their formal dress uniforms.  Of course no reception filled with Aggies would be complete without doing the Aggie War Hymn and these folks did not disappoint.  At one point we thought the floor might collapse!  We weren’t disappointed in the dancing either as grandma even let her hair down and was boogieing with the best of em’.  Everyone was having so much fun that no one wanted to leave.  There must have been 2 or 3 encores for the DJ to keep playing.  But eventually all the guests shuffled outside for the send off.  And what a send off it was.  To cap the night off the couple escaped in a karaoke cab with no shortage of lasers and lights to set the mood.  Trouble was that the couple only managed a minute in the cab alone before a ton of folks piled into the cab to start singing and serenade the couple further.  Forger phone booth packing, this was a cab packing.  The reception may have been over, but the party most certainly was not!

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  1. Beverly Cronin
    Beverly Cronin says:

    I loved looking at the pictures and seeing what I missed. I can tell a good time was had by all.
    Beautiful bride and handsome groom. I would love to see more! xo Beverly


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