Stephanie and Chris’ Wedding at CityPlace Dallas


These Dallas wedding photographers are so very thrilled to share this heart-felt wedding with you. Today we bring you the lovely wedding of Stephanie and Chris at CityPlace Dallas.  After an incredible engagement session in the Dallas Arts District we couldn’t wait until the wedding.  Trouble was, at the time they were still torn between CityPlace Dallas and Hotel Zaza.  Well, they finally settled on CityPlace Dallas and they were definitely pleased with the outcome.  Between the traditional look of the room for the reception and the more modern look of the room for the ceremony, it was a perfect fit for this classy couple! They were able to be the first couple married in the loft portion of CityPlace so that was unique for them and new to CityPlace. We first met up with these two getting ready at The Stonleigh Hotel. Stephanie and her girls were curling and primping and having delicious chocolates while the men were hamming it up and the room was full of roars of laughter. We then we made our way over to CityPlace, where the couple shared a special “first touch”.  We really enjoyed being able to capture the wedding ceremony.  The flower girl was cute as a button and the ceremony was very emotional.  Tears were flowing, and for good reason, it was a joyful day.  Stephanie was a very talented DIY bride. She managed to do all of the flowers, decor and favors and even planned from afar the entire time. Most of their loved ones traveled from different parts of the country to share in their joy for their wedding day. Thank you to Stephanie and Chris for putting on such an amazing wedding.  As always, we are honored to be a part of such special memories. We wish you both a lifetime of joy and laughter and may each day be better than the last!

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  1. Carlotta Staples
    Carlotta Staples says:

    These photographs are absolutely breath-taking. I hope the emotions expressed on this occasion will overflow from your hearts everyday of your lives! I love you both, tremendously.

  2. Woulda Woodburn
    Woulda Woodburn says:

    Stephanie and Chris look so lovely!!!Stephanie, you rock in that dress!! You are so beautiful and that smile is drop- dead gorgeous!!!!
    Beautiful pictures!!!

  3. Shirley Staples Carter
    Shirley Staples Carter says:

    Congratulations and best wishes for a bright future together, Stephanie and Chris! Such a beautiful couple and the wedding was perfect. Love you!

  4. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    The wedding celebration was magnificent, elegant and fun. More importantly, the beauty of your love enveloped us all. May God bless you always. Love Mom Jen and Papa Hack

  5. Sandra Forsythe
    Sandra Forsythe says:

    Stephanie and Chris! What a wonderful memory of your uniting as man and wife. The entire experience was just Sensational!!!
    It’s all “picture perfect!.” Congrats and love to both of you.


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