Fort Worth Engagement Session with Kelsey and Brian


Meet Kelsey & Brian. They are getting married at 809 Vickery in Fort Worth, Texas  this year and we are so excited to share their joy with them. We met up with them in Fort Worth, Texas for their engagement portraits. Our first stop was the beautiful Botanic Gardens. That light was dancing through the trees and really helping us to make some gorgeous portraits with the two of them. We moved the second half after an outfit change to the Fort Worth Modern Museum of Art. All of those gorgeous lines on the exterior really had us like “whoa!”.

fort-worth-wedding-photographer-kelsey-brian-02 fort-worth-wedding-photographer-kelsey-brian-03 fort-worth-wedding-photographer-kelsey-brian-04 fort-worth-wedding-photographer-kelsey-brian-05 fort-worth-wedding-photographer-kelsey-brian-06 fort-worth-wedding-photographer-kelsey-brian-07 fort-worth-wedding-photographer-kelsey-brian-08 fort-worth-wedding-photographer-kelsey-brian-09 fort-worth-wedding-photographer-kelsey-brian-10 fort-worth-wedding-photographer-kelsey-brian-11 fort-worth-wedding-photographer-kelsey-brian-12 fort-worth-wedding-photographer-kelsey-brian-13 fort-worth-wedding-photographer-kelsey-brian-14 fort-worth-wedding-photographer-kelsey-brian-15

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