Dallas Aldredge House Bridal Phogography with Evgenia

dallas-aldredge-house-bridal-photography-evgenia-01 dallas-aldredge-house-bridal-photography-evgenia-02 dallas-aldredge-house-bridal-photography-evgenia-03 dallas-aldredge-house-bridal-photography-evgenia-04 dallas-aldredge-house-bridal-photography-evgenia-05 dallas-aldredge-house-bridal-photography-evgenia-06 dallas-aldredge-house-bridal-photography-evgenia-07 dallas-aldredge-house-bridal-photography-evgenia-08 dallas-aldredge-house-bridal-photography-evgenia-09 dallas-aldredge-house-bridal-photography-evgenia-10 dallas-aldredge-house-bridal-photography-evgenia-11 dallas-aldredge-house-bridal-photography-evgenia-12 dallas-aldredge-house-bridal-photography-evgenia-13 dallas-aldredge-house-bridal-photography-evgenia-14

McKinney Cotton Mill Bridal Portraits with Keely

mckinney-cotton-mill-pre-wedding-bridal-portraits-keely-01 mckinney-cotton-mill-pre-wedding-bridal-portraits-keely-02 mckinney-cotton-mill-pre-wedding-bridal-portraits-keely-03 mckinney-cotton-mill-pre-wedding-bridal-portraits-keely-04 mckinney-cotton-mill-pre-wedding-bridal-portraits-keely-05 mckinney-cotton-mill-pre-wedding-bridal-portraits-keely-06 mckinney-cotton-mill-pre-wedding-bridal-portraits-keely-07 mckinney-cotton-mill-pre-wedding-bridal-portraits-keely-08 mckinney-cotton-mill-pre-wedding-bridal-portraits-keely-09 mckinney-cotton-mill-pre-wedding-bridal-portraits-keely-10

Katie’s White Rock Lake Bridal Session

We’re so excited to finally reveal Katie’s bridals.  Katie and Joe were married at Saint Monica’s Catholic Church with the reception at 333 First Avenue on a wonderful fall day.  This Dallas White Rock Lake spring bridal session could not have had better weather and sunlight for Katie.  We got a taste of Katie’s fun family and one of her bridesmaids.  Wouldn’t you know it, she had her own entourage.  Dad was toting around a cooler stocked with ice and beverages, it was a party!  Katie’s dad even helped out with light reflectors while one of her bridesmaids and twin sister Maid of Honor kept the atmosphere fun with all their shenanigans.  They just couldn’t resist making an appearance as you can see!  We had a lot of fun and her bridals on the water were simply amazing.  Sun, White Rock Lake, family, gorgeous bride, and a camera…I don’t think you could have asked for a more wonderful session.  Katie, you looked incredible!


dallas-wedding-photographer-white-rock-lake-bridal-session-katie100 dallas-wedding-photographer-white-rock-lake-bridal-session-katie101 dallas-wedding-photographer-white-rock-lake-bridal-session-katie102 dallas-wedding-photographer-white-rock-lake-bridal-session-katie103 dallas-wedding-photographer-white-rock-lake-bridal-session-katie104 dallas-wedding-photographer-white-rock-lake-bridal-session-katie105 dallas-wedding-photographer-white-rock-lake-bridal-session-katie106 dallas-wedding-photographer-white-rock-lake-bridal-session-katie107 dallas-wedding-photographer-white-rock-lake-bridal-session-katie108 dallas-wedding-photographer-white-rock-lake-bridal-session-katie109 dallas-wedding-photographer-white-rock-lake-bridal-session-katie110

Lauren’s Sunkissed Dallas Bridal Portraits


These Dallas wedding photographers have a tough time keeping bridal portraits a surprise when they are this pretty! Mariel did a great job with Lauren’s portraits! We are so excited to share Lauren’s gorgeous Dallas bridal portraits with you. Now that their wedding has taken place, we can unlock these beauties for all the world to see. The week of Lauren’s bridals, Texas decided it was going to be indecisive with what season it was (it is Texas afterall…sweater weather in the morning and swimsuits in the afternoon!). It was a bit chillier (and windier) than anticipated for the day, but Lauren was a trooper and posed and smiled like a professional! It was a tough time narrowing down our favorite photographs to share with you on the wedding blog! We just love the lace detail in her dress and how romantic her dress is. The session wrapped near sunset and those sun-kissed golden hour portraits are gorgeous. Lauren was married at one of our favorite Dallas Wedding venues, Three Three Three and we can’t wait to share those images as well….lets just say there’s a motorcycle involved and you DO NOT want to miss it!

dallas-wedding-photographer-autumnlight-laura-bridals-002 dallas-wedding-photographer-autumnlight-laura-bridals-003 dallas-wedding-photographer-autumnlight-laura-bridals-004 dallas-wedding-photographer-autumnlight-laura-bridals-005 dallas-wedding-photographer-autumnlight-laura-bridals-006 dallas-wedding-photographer-autumnlight-laura-bridals-007 dallas-wedding-photographer-autumnlight-laura-bridals-008 dallas-wedding-photographer-autumnlight-laura-bridals-009

Sunhea’s Beautiful Bridal Portraits in Plano, Texas


Sunhea and Joseph’s wedding was this past weekend at Ashton Gardens in Corinth, Texas. Their wedding was infused with a great deal of love, family and tradition. We can’t wait to share their beautiful wedding story with you! This group of Dallas Wedding Photographers first fell in love with this wedding couple during their Dallas engagement portrait session! Be sure to check that one out! Pre-wedding bridal sessions usually stay under lock and key until the wedding. These were especially hard not to share. A few gasps of “oh! look at this one!” and “wow, what a gorgeous photo!” were had. The clouds in the sky were like a painting and the light looked as though it was sprinkled in all the right places. Teresa knocked it out of the park with this session. An amazing photographer, the amazing light, the amazing bride, the amazing dress….it was a killer combination!  We are so excited to share her pre-wedding bridal portraits from one of our favorite Dallas Fort Worth locations in Plano, Texas. Sunhea and Joseph spent part of the session together in traditional South Korean attire. The bold, bright colors were a magnificent sight paired with the muted colors of their surroundings. Teresa’s effortless posing with Sunhea was so pretty. The contemporary posing as well as traditional posing perfectly complimented each other for this bridal session. What a beautiful bride and a stunning dress! Check back soon to see the wedding day! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

dallas-wedding-photographer-korean-sunhea-joseph-003 dallas-wedding-photographer-korean-sunhea-joseph-005 dallas-wedding-photographer-korean-sunhea-joseph-006 dallas-wedding-photographer-korean-sunhea-joseph-007 dallas-wedding-photographer-korean-sunhea-joseph-008 dallas-wedding-photographer-korean-sunhea-joseph-009 dallas-wedding-photographer-korean-sunhea-joseph-010 dallas-wedding-photographer-korean-sunhea-joseph-011 dallas-wedding-photographer-korean-sunhea-joseph-012 dallas-wedding-photographer-korean-sunhea-joseph-013dallas-wedding-photographer-korean-sunhea-joseph-001 dallas-wedding-photographer-korean-sunhea-joseph-002