Jacqueline and Kamil’s Engagement Session at Prather Park Dallas

dallas-wedding-photographer-pratherpark-0001We’re calling this one the session of the 2 Pha’s!  Both have brains and beauty as one is a Pharmacist and the other a Physicist.  Both brought their A game and we definitely got some great images.  Prather Park in Dallas was the spot for this session.  Jacqueline and Kamil are getting married in a fall wedding so an outdoor engagement session in Dallas was the perfect compliment to that and Dallas engagement photos is what we do.  We won’t bore you with the fluff this time and just get strait to the great images and the even greater couple.  Congrats you guys, we love ya!

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Luz and Victor’s Dallas Engagement Session


These Dallas Wedding Photographers are in full blown wedding and engagement season. As we gear up for our upcoming DFW weddings this fall, we are starting to photograph the engagement sessions for the Spring and Summer 2014 wedding couples. We are so excited to photograph this couple’s Dallas wedding at Three Three Three in 2014. Meet Luz and Victor! Jared did an awesome job working with this couple to create a one-of-a-kind lifestyle portrait session just for them! They started their Dallas engagement session in their home in Uptown doing one of their favorite things together …. COOKING! These two paired some wine and some yummy treats for a picnic with their Dog named Cowboy. Cowboy was looking extra cute in his green bow tie and such a sweet cuddly guy. These two were so great in front of the camera and their love just oozes for photographs. Luz and Victor are so photogenic and we had a bit of hard time narrowing it down for this engagement blog post….there were just so many wonderful photos. They hit the town for some sweet ivy covered backdrops and urban walls. The blue background was an instant favorite for us! We are pumped about your upcoming Dallas wedding and so excited to be your photographers. We can’t wait to see you both say forever in front of your friends and family! We wish you both a lifetime of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last!

dallas-wedding-photographer-luz-victor-picnic-uptown-002 dallas-wedding-photographer-luz-victor-picnic-uptown-003 dallas-wedding-photographer-luz-victor-picnic-uptown-004 dallas-wedding-photographer-luz-victor-picnic-uptown-005 dallas-wedding-photographer-luz-victor-picnic-uptown-006 dallas-wedding-photographer-luz-victor-picnic-uptown-007 dallas-wedding-photographer-luz-victor-picnic-uptown-008 dallas-wedding-photographer-luz-victor-picnic-uptown-009 dallas-wedding-photographer-luz-victor-picnic-uptown-010 dallas-wedding-photographer-luz-victor-picnic-uptown-011 dallas-wedding-photographer-luz-victor-picnic-uptown-012 dallas-wedding-photographer-luz-victor-picnic-uptown-013 dallas-wedding-photographer-luz-victor-picnic-uptown-014

Emily and Bobby’s Dallas Arboretum Engagement Session


We just love meeting such fun wedding couples! These Dallas transplants are from California. They met while working at Disneyland. Okay, how fun is this?? After working at Disney, Emily moved to Dallas to attend SMU for graduate school. Bobby soon followed her to pursue his graduate degree as well. These two SMU grads contacted us for an engagement session a few weeks ago. They wanted to have the portrait session at the Dallas Arboretum. With the summer months giving us a later sunset, we were a little worried at first since the park closes it’s gates at 5pm. But alas….the stars aligned and an evening event at the park allowed us to photograph their session there for that lovely golden light we love to shoot in for our engagement sessions! Their wedding will be in California and we are sad to say we be photographing it, but we were able to offer them a fun session, get them ready and comfortable in front a professional camera, and some great advice for their wedding photography. Here’s the fun part….We almost had the park to ourselves and took full advantage of all of the beautiful architecture elements, light and gorgeous greenery and flowers. They did so well for our session together. They had lots of laughs, cuddles and kisses in front of our camera. We had such a fun time with you all and hope your California (near the beach) wedding is gorgeous and memorable. We wish you both a lifetime of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last! Thank you so much for choosing our wedding photography studio to document such a wonderful time in your lives together!

dallas-wedding-photographer-emily-bobby-dallas-arboretum-0002 dallas-wedding-photographer-emily-bobby-dallas-arboretum-0003 dallas-wedding-photographer-emily-bobby-dallas-arboretum-0004 dallas-wedding-photographer-emily-bobby-dallas-arboretum-0005 dallas-wedding-photographer-emily-bobby-dallas-arboretum-0006 dallas-wedding-photographer-emily-bobby-dallas-arboretum-0007 dallas-wedding-photographer-emily-bobby-dallas-arboretum-0008 dallas-wedding-photographer-emily-bobby-dallas-arboretum-0009 dallas-wedding-photographer-emily-bobby-dallas-arboretum-0010 dallas-wedding-photographer-emily-bobby-dallas-arboretum-0011 dallas-wedding-photographer-emily-bobby-dallas-arboretum-0012 dallas-wedding-photographer-emily-bobby-dallas-arboretum-0013 dallas-wedding-photographer-emily-bobby-dallas-arboretum-0014 dallas-wedding-photographer-emily-bobby-dallas-arboretum-0015

Sunhea & Joseph Engagement Session at the Nasher

This winter engagement session in Dallas was full of laughter as Sunhea and Joseph worked it in front of the camera for Teresa. What on earth could possibly be said about these two other than cute, cute, and more cute!  This lovely couple were all smiles as kisses as Teresa worked her magic photography on them to produce these fabulous images during their Dallas engagement session at the Nasher Sculpture Center in the Arts District in downtown Dallas.  And get a load of those too cute shoes that Sunhea is wearing while in the bamboo garden.  Ashton Gardens better watch out next month when these two head down the aisle.


We love it when our couples connect with their photographer and we asked Teresa a few things about the couple…

3 things I enjoyed

1- They were funny and laughed at my dumb jokes. always a plus in my book when people humor my dorkiness. 😉
2- They were very sweet and easy going and willing to go with the flow.
3- I loved their style. simple and casual and it really fit their personalities

3 things about their relationship

1-They are very obviously crazy about each other. I didn’t have to ask them to snuggle each other, they just did. While we were walking around to each set up, Joseph would wrap his arm around Sunhea’s shoulders and she would wrap her arm around this waist. They definitely dig each other 🙂
2- They make each other laugh a lot! They laughed the whole time! Between my dorkiness and they way they laugh at each other it was non-stop.
3- I can tell there is a lot of trust and value of each other’s opinions between them. For example, when we were planning their engagement session, Sunhea didn’t feel well and handed it off to Joseph and told me that she completely trusted whatever he decided as far as location.

Sunhea, you got yourself a keeper!


dallas-wedding-photographer-nasher-arts-district-sunhea-joseph003 dallas-wedding-photographer-nasher-arts-district-sunhea-joseph004 dallas-wedding-photographer-nasher-arts-district-sunhea-joseph005 dallas-wedding-photographer-nasher-arts-district-sunhea-joseph006 dallas-wedding-photographer-nasher-arts-district-sunhea-joseph007 dallas-wedding-photographer-nasher-arts-district-sunhea-joseph008 dallas-wedding-photographer-nasher-arts-district-sunhea-joseph009 dallas-wedding-photographer-nasher-arts-district-sunhea-joseph010 dallas-wedding-photographer-nasher-arts-district-sunhea-joseph011 dallas-wedding-photographer-nasher-arts-district-sunhea-joseph012 dallas-wedding-photographer-nasher-arts-district-sunhea-joseph013